Play Games Pro - Only Quality Flash Games - en-us Forgotten Hill: Surgery Will I survive? No, this is not Introvoys' greatest obra maestra. Also, please pretend this ain't a stab a Silent Hills? Look, you must survive this game. It is creepy, horrifying, and you must get out of the horrors of a Surgery Clinic. A surgery clinic? It is already trauma inducing to be in a Surgery Clinic, much more if this KIND of clinic! If you want more gaming visit <a href=""></a> Boss 101 You might be familiar with this game. This is very popular. Well, all pixel games are popular but not THIS popular! Boss 101 is all about epic fights againgts robo-animals, samurais, aliens, and even dinosaurs. Control Max, your typical teenage MC totting a jetpack and save the world! Hard Mode included! Skullz Want a Surreal Adventure? Both letters all in caps? This is it! Skullz. This game is one of the best games you will ever play, it got so popular it even has iOS and Android ports. Oh wait! Skullz 2 is available on Steam! Pixelated realness and some of those non-Ludum Dare creations? Well, here it is! Tower of the Wizard Pixel games here! And not just any Pixel game but Gameboy inspired one. In Tower of the Wizard, you are part of campaign in saving the village in the Tower of The Wizard. Attack the Wizard in his tower and end the reign of terror. Retro, Metroidvania, Buzz Words, Loud Noises! Tightrope Theatre Circus Charlie is that you? Of course not! This is a modern game with modern gameplay that just looks like games that was released in the NES era. Wait, probably in the SNES. But who cares! This is a Ludum Dare creation which was made within time constraint! So, what is this game? Ride the unicycle of death, and survive! Little Light The most amazing things are experienced with a light! So a little light could light a fire, give hope, and more! You must maneuver into the light and collect the spheres. This is your destiny, here is your destination, be the light, a little one it might be. Still it is one. Cancelled Refuge This particular version of Cancelled Refuge have special features. You can now edit the controls! Customize it however you like! The main hook of this game is to score as many loops as you can. A certain loop can be scored by getting to the end of the room. Per successful loop, the room gets harder to complete! Hallelilouh! Trials of Chad Are you ready for some more Ludum Dare games? Nobody is always ready, until now! Trials of Chad is all about guiding Chad with some power ups until you figure out how to get him out of there. This game is made within two days, naturally, you have only one minute to finish a trial. Place A Ludum Dare entry that does not feel like it was made within 48 hours. Of course, the graphics may look like a pixelated mess, like 8-bit era, instead of the SNES look. But still, Place is a good game, an adventure game that should entertain those who like peaceful games. SNATA SNATA, is about a Ninja-Santa who jumps off bombs and rides elevators. That is not the usual Santa that you find anywhere. This is the Santa that you'd expect from Full of action, full of puzzles, full of explosions and jumping on top of bombs, and SURVIVING! Merry Christmas! Monster Love Halloween is over but love transcends, even if it is emanating from monsters y'all! In this game, you play as Frankie, the Frankenstein's monster. And in this game, he asks for a date with...Countess Bela! Is this Bela the Twilight girl or Bela Lugosi? You decide My Friend Pedro: Arena Weird name for a game, right? Wait until you actually play this. You can use acrobatics, tap your own reflexes and more, more, more bullets to gain the highest score. There are six available levels . How long will you survive? Railgun realness is here, more gore, more power! Zombies Ate My Motherland Legions of the undead are not just attacking the American soil. It also consumes the motherland! Ivan is the real Russian hero and help him survive the hordes and hordes of zombie waves! New weapons are in every corner, upgrade if you will and more, more, more! Collect all the parts of the tractor! Spirit Cave This is a story of a human and fairy making their way through life. This one was made using HaxePunk and of course, since it is a pixel game, the probability of it being in the Ludum Dare is quite high. And of course it is part of the Ludum Dare! One Arrow One Arrow, One Love! This is a very interesting game that should entertain you for a while. You are all about enter the dragon! You use bow and there is one problem, a very interesting gameplay design choice--one arrow. Just one arrow. You will always have pick your arrows back and use it again against your enemies!